Abbey Lane
Abigale My Love
Adorned Angel
Affaire D'amour

After the Fire
Afternoon Cocktail
Afternoon Truffle
Alabama Wildfire
Alaskan Sunset

Alexander's Ragtime Band
All About Eve
All Branched Out
Almond Puff
Almost An Angel

Almost Indecent
Alternate Universe
Aly Marie
Amanda's Little Red Shoes
Amber Storm

Ambrosian Rhapsody
Amethyst Art
Amethyst Cream Truffle
Amethyst Flare
Amy Michelle

Angelic Grin
Apple Jack
Apricot Pizzaz
Arms Reaching Out
Art Song

Artisian's Quilt
Ashley Bartram
Aubrey Johnson
Audrey Hepburn
Autumn Orange Truffle

Awesome Luck
Aztec King
Baby Jessie
Barry Goldwater
Beautiful Melody
Belle Curve
Benton Double Talk
Big Kiss
Blaze Away
Blazing Sky

Blessed Morning
Blonde Ambition
Blow Up
Blueberry Baroque
Blueberry Puff

Boogie Woogie Blues
Border Truffle
Both Sides Now
Brent Gabriel

Briana Joy
Buckeye Barnstormer
Buddy's Gloria
Business Unusual
Cactus Jack
Calico Print
Calypso Sunset
Candy Cane Truffle
Candyman Can

Cardassian Border
Cardigan Bay
Caribbean Double Cinnamon
Caribbean Double Coral
Caribbean Lavender Butterfly
Caribbean Reggae Moon

Caribbean Thelma Joyce
Carolina Copper
Carpenter Shavings
Carrot Rouge Truffle

Castle Cherry Ruffles
Castle Cotton Candy
Castle Cotton Candy
Castle Double Nosegay

Castle Double Royalty
Castle Lacy Ruffles
Castle Rose Belle
Chain Reaction
Champagne Day
Charlie Two Shoes
Cherokee Mary
Cherokee Sunset
Cherry Smash Cupcake
Cherry Surprise
Chi Chi

Chicago Firecracker
Chinese Mountain
Chinese Scholar
Chrissy Renee
Christmas Cotton

Clovette Adams
Cluster Muster

Coming Up Posies

Congo Coral
Coral Autumn
Cotton Candy Cupcake
Counselor Bill
Crimson Cloud
Crinkled Bouquet
Crown of Creation
Custard Cupcake
Cute As Can Be
Dalliance of Colors
Dancing with Pink
Dapper Don
Dark Wonder
Darn That Dream
Dashing Double
Deborah Anderson Harris
Decatur Double Doozy
Deltas Dream
Devaughn Hodges
Dewy Sweet
Diane Taylor

Dinner and a Movie
Dixie Flamingo
Dixie Lilac
Don't Look Back
Dorothy and Toto
Double Amethyst
Double Agent
Double Apple Blossom
Double Ash Rose

Double Blue Blood
Double Blueberry Pie
Double Bold One
Double Booked
Double Bourbon
Double Breakthrough
Double Bubble Gum
Double Cascade
Double Cinnamon Sunset
Double Corsage
Double Cranberry Ruffles
Double Daffy
Double Diadem
Double Dipper
Double Dog Dare You
Double Doodah
Double Dragon
Double Ethel
Double Fun
Double Glamour
Double Grapette
Double Image
Double Intricacy
Double Intrigue

Double Joanna
Double Ladybug Ra
Double Leota
Double Misty Dawn
Double Nickel
Double Overtime

Double Passion
Double Peach Schnapps
Double Persimmon
Double Pink Peony
Double Pink Treasure
Double Pompon
Double Purple Thrill
Double Raspberry Whirl
Double Red
Double Red Royal
Double Red Velvet
Double Royal Purple
Double Steal My Heart
Double Sunset Glow
Double Toasted
Double Triple Treat
Double Trouble
Double Twit
Double Violet Rose
Doubly Delicious Dandy
Dream Team
Dublin Elaine
Dublin Elaine

Early Early Truffle
Emerie Baker
Emily Gibson
Emily Hawthorne
Eminence Front
Empress Lily
English Muffin
Exotic Etching
Exotic Explosion
Exploded Pumpkins
Faces of Sunset
Fairy's Palace
Fancy Buttons
Feathered Storm

Fenton Lavender Mint
Fiery Visitation
Fifth Dimension
Fin and Feather
Fire Agate
Fire Breathing Dragon
Firecraker Finale
Fires of Fuji
Fires Within
First Horizon
Flamboyant Edges
Flamenco Christmas
Flamingo Dance
Flickering Fire
Florida Carnival
Flutter of Angels
Formal Appearance
Forsyth Double Date
Forty Second Street
Frances Joiner
Freeda James
Fresh Look
Fresh Start
Friend of Dorothy
Frills and Fancies
Fringed Sangria
Fun Time Frolic
Future Design
Future Past
Garden Jitterbug

Garland For Judy
Gaudy Knight
Gemini Jack
Georgia Jubilee
Gerrie Frankenberger
Giggling Glory
Ginger Girl
Gladys Campbell
Gleam of Time
Glorious Autumn
Glory in the Sunset
Grape Cupcake
Grecian Sands
Greywoods Dootie Do Little

Hampton Classic
Hampton Hocus Pocus
Happy Hooligan
Hawaiian Chant
Heady Perfume
Heart Of Savannah
Highland Lord
High Street
Hint of Heaven
Holiday Party
Holy Smoke
Honey Crunch Cupcake
Hot Deal
Hot Grounder
Hybridizer's Truffle

Ice Cream Dream
Iddy Biddy Gal
Imperial Dragon
Inner Space
It's A Zinger
Ivan is Coming
Jennifer's Fault
Jerry Pate Williams
Jeweled Tiara
Jog On
Journey Through Time
Joy of Life
Joyce My Love
Jungle Rhythm
Just My Size
Justine's Double
Kathy Rood
Kay Day
Kevin Walek

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Kings Point
La Ceiban Sunset
Lace and Promises
Lacy Doily
Lady of Sharon
Lady Wu
Lake Norman Double
Land Sakes Alive
Lava Drop
Lavender Attraction
Lavender Excitement
Lavender Romance
Leader of the Pack
Lightning Strike
Lindsey Ishee
Little Enchantress
Little Gypsy Girl

Little Maiden
Little Rosie O'Grady
Little Show Stopper
Longfields Twins
Lost in Love
Louise Mercer
Love Never Ends
Love Unlimited
Lucille Bostick
Lucky Pierre
Lumbee Lace
Lyndell's Fourth of July
Mabel's Red Double Magic
Made in Savannah
Magic Motion
Magical Wonder
Magician's Apprentice
Making a Splash
Making Double Time
Mandarin Corsage
Manhattan Serenade
Marietta Magic
Marjorie Kinnebrew
Mars' Fury
Mary Joyce Andrews
Mary Lois Burgess
Maw Maw

Memories of Mary Jane
Meringue Mirage
Merlin the Magician
Merlot Rouge
Micro Burst
Midnight Messenger
Mini Might
Missouri Moon
Mon Ne Nise
Monica Mead
Moses' Fire
Mother Superior
Mount Helena
Mountain Mama
Move to the Music
Mulberry Connection
Mulberry Truffle
Music of the Master
Nano Probe
Nature's Coffee Club
Nature's Crown
Nell Dean
Nice and Easy
Night Embers
Norma Desmond
Oddly Magnificent

Oh Danny Boy
On the Double
Ooh Have Mercy
Orange Fizz
Orange Sorbet Truffle
Orlando Truffle
Outer Fringes
Outrageous Fortune
Over the Top
Paint Me Sassy
Paisley Summer
Panties In A Bunch
Papaya Chiffon
Party Flirt
Party Popper
Passion Fruit Truffle
Pastel Pleasure
Pat Neumann
Peach Cupcake
Peach Magnolia
Peachberry Truffle
Peggy Bass
Penny Pinsley
Peppermint Truffle
Performing Magic
Pine Belt Double
Pink Peppermint
Pink Shimmer
Pink Suede Hues
Plum Cupcake

Plum Plume
Possum In A D-Cup
Pouter Pigeon
Powder Puff Truffle
Precious Pixie
Prince of Tides
Prissy Peekaboo
Punch and Judy
Quilting Circle
Raspberry Cupcake
Raspberry Ripple Cupcake
Rebecca Marie
Red Pom Pom
Regal Puzzle
Rhubarb Truffle
Ric and Tee
Richard Taylor Yates
Ring of Honor
Rockydell's Wendi Cherie
Root Beer Float
Root Beer Truffle
Rose Corsage
Rose Storm
Rosy Outlook
Rowdy Purple
Royal Corsage
Royal Eventide
Ruby Rigsby

Ruffled Truffle
Rusty Renegade
Ruth Whitten
Samantha Clair
Sanford Double Doozie
Sanford Eyecatcher
Sanford Rose Crown
Sanford Show Girl
Sarah Joy
Sassy Sister
Savannah Debutante
Savannah Knockout
Savannah Melody
Savannah Skipper Doodle
Savannah Smooch
Scarlet Marie
Scratch and Sniff
Screensaver Truffle
Second Millennium
Secret Wish
Seeing Double
Sentinel Solar Burst
Shadows Within
Shamrock Double Grape
Shangri La Truffle
Shelton Holliday
Shirley Valentine
Sienna Sunset
Signature Truffle
Siloam Cathleen Lamb

Siloam Double Classic
Siloam Double Coral
Siloam Double Rose
Siloam Double Sensation
Siloam Glory Bee
Siloam John Holland
Siloam Olin Frazier
Siloam Ruby Christie
Siloam Russel's Choice
Siloam Vaughn's Double
Silver Highlights
Sing a New Song
Singapore Sling
Singing His Praises
Skyland Double Take
Sleepy Hollow Truffle
Small Gesture
Small World Blueberry Popcorn
Soft Tender Touch
Solid Geometry
Sorcerer's Hat
Southern Made
Spacecoast Sensation
Spacecoast Two Eyed Jack
Spanish Saga
Sparks Bold Ambassador
Sparks Pinch of Peach
Spotted Fever
Spurgeon Jones
Stand Up Double
Starfish Cafe
Stellar Double Rose

Storm Chaser
Stormy Affair
Strawberry Cheesecake
Strawberry Cream Cupcake
Strawberry Truffle
Stroke of Midnight
Style Plus
Suburban Pompadour
Suburban Tutu
Sugar Shoppe
Summer Nectar
Surprise Sunrise
Susan Pritchard Petit
Sweeping Shadows
Sweet Mercy
Take Heart
Tasting Room
Teetotally Yours
Tequila Rose
Thing Of Beauty
Things To Come
Think Twice
This Ones for You
Thistle Pink Truffle
Tickle My Fancy
Time to See
Topguns Double Dribble
Topguns Double Eyeful
Topguns Double Lace
Topguns Double Wonder
Topguns Fireball

Topguns Gold Affair
Topguns Helen Jones
Topguns Legend Maker
Topguns Metha Scott
Topguns Orchid Ripples
Topguns Power Broker
Totally Awesome
Treasure Truffle
Tropic Ember
Truffle A La Mode
Truffle Heritage
Truffle Mania
Truffle Smile
Turning Up the Heat
Tutti Fruiti Truffle
Twice As Nice
Twice in a Blue Moon
Twice The Bite
Twin Pools
Two Base Hit
Two Part Harmony
Two to Tango
Two Tone Taffy
Unlock The Stars
Upward Mobility
Velvet Onyx
Venetian Fringe
Vermell Livingston

Victoria's Secret
Viennese Truffle
Violet Osborn
Virginia Franklin Miller
Vision of Love
Voodoo Dancer
Wayne Johnson
Whale of a Truffle
Whispered Visions
Whistle Stop Tour
Whitney Suzanne
Whoop Dee Doo
Winyah Double Purple
Wonder of Wonders
Wonder Wish
Woods Truffle
Word of Honor
Worthy One
Yankee Doodle Blues
Yazoo Cinnamon Stick
Yazoo Double Butterscotch
Yazoo Jim Terry
You Angel You
You Can Believe
Zona Rosa

I love doubles and grow quite a few. This is the list of doubles growing in my gardens.